The very best quality kitchen designers always begin by finding out who you are and how you use your kitchen. Even the smallest, most frugally furnished kitchen can be a remarkable place if it is properly organized and designed to suit the people who use it. But while utility is a primary goal in kitchen design, beauty need not be neglected! If you’re looking for a smart, quality kitchen remodeling service the designers at Eleven C Corporation can create space from out of almost nothing to building an expansive state-of-the-art gourmet kitchen or something in between. Kitchens really have become the command center of the house, a place where guests and family congregate. The styles and permutations are endless. And because there are so many options and ideas available, we encourage clients to bring us photos of things that they love because many of the ideas you see can be interpreted and adapted for your own kitchen in your own way to suit your own budget. From West Palm Beach to Boca Raton to Jupiter, Eleven C is the right choice to custom build your dream kitchen. Additionally, if your kitchen project requires walls or any facet of your home to be altered, Eleven C is fully licensed to resolve any and all of your construction needs.

Every now and then, a magazine or book will feature bathrooms larger than most living rooms - bathrooms that, in fact contain sofas, bookcases, exercise equipment and even fireplaces - our bathroom remodeling services can build that for you. However for most of us, bathrooms tend to be a bit smaller in scope. Bathroom design and furnishings have come a long way since the days of the heat lamp. Today the multitude of bathroom choices can make a would be renovator’s head spin. Fifty years ago, there were very few bathtubs to choose from, two or three water closets and a dozen sinks to choose from. Today quality bathrooms include separate showers, his and hers sinks, soaker tubs, whirlpools, rain shower rooms, steam rooms, and saunas, even the toilet can have a separate compartment. At Eleven C Corporation our bathroom remodeling can include everything you might see at a luxurious spa. All of our bathrooms are created with great attention to detail, materials and finishes. Our tile and marble setters are trained artisans who are experts in setting the most intricate types of stone known. Today, luxury has become available to us all!

Our highly skilled and talented team can handle any kind of quality renovation project and we deliver on time. We are definitely the best company to choose when it comes to kitchen remodeling in West Plam Beach and nearby areas. Whether considering a new bathroom, new kitchen, outdoor kitchen, adding an addition, building a portico, adding an iron door entry, building an architectural ceiling, adding a fountain or building a gazebo, when you’re looking for a third generation carpenter whose company builds old school quality, please give us a call today and ask for me, Barry Shapiro.

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